My team and I (the ones mentioned as 'Junior Creatives') made an observation and a casual conversation in the classroom went on to get produced by DDB Berlin for Kings of Indigo.


We knew that women are paid significantly less compared to men for the same job. We found that women's jeans have 48% shorter pockets than men's jeans almost as if they were tailored to carry their lesser income. So we made use of the rebellious character of denims by making them a symbol once again, but this time for equal pay with #EqualPockets.


Agency: DDB, Berlin

Client: Kings of Indigo

CD: Patrik Lenhart

Senior Art Director: Marco Lemcke

Copywriter: Maximilian Müller

Art Directors: Alice Rotelli & Sirena Grace Martinelli

Junior Creatives: Rohit Wani, Hitarthy Shah, Vaishnavi Rai, Shweta Nandakumar & Omkcar Shethe