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PhonePe is an Indian digital payments platform with competitors like Google Pay. In 2020, when India was still getting used to digital payments, people had their doubts about paying via PhonePe. So, during India's Super-Bowl-like event,

the Indian Premiere League, we launched a campaign that clarified all the doubts our audience had about PhonePe.


We answered 9 frequently asked questions in 9 TVCs featuring Bollywood heartthrobs, Aamir Khan as the non-believer, and Alia Bhatt as the user. Through the series we see Aamir Khan's character become an advocate for PhonePe.  

We took popular characters from the TVCs to YouTube and other digital platforms to highlight various benefits of PhonePe. We also laid out an episodic series called, F.A.Kyuns with Shinde, to answer any lingering doubt.

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